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A unique blend of therapeutic yoga and meditation in specialised programs made just for you.

Are you recovering from an illness, injury, or living with a chronic health condition?

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression?

Are you pregnant or a new mum?

Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed or exhausted?

Do you need to bring your stress levels down?

Have you ever wanted to experience the myriad of benefits of yoga but felt like you just weren’t made for it?

Well, this is yoga made just for you.

Larissa’s weekly classes and private one-to-one sessions are designed to give you the physical and emotional benefits of yoga, no matter your physical or mental health, or simply if you feel like you’re not flexible enough.

This unique blend of therapeutic yoga and meditation is personalised to your body and your health requirements. It’s personalised yoga and meditation ... made just for you. 

What is personalised yoga?

Larissa works with you to give you a restorative and supportive practice that takes into account your unique body and your specific needs, so that you can develop a deeper understanding of yourself and experience a better quality of day-to-day life. Her hands-on approach gives you personal attention and guidance. Postures are tailored to your abilities or physical limitations so that you can experience the true benefits of yoga without discomfort.

Who is this for?

Larissa's classes and private sessions will be suited to you if:

  • you have a physical injury, or chronic pain
  • you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or having trouble managing stress
  • you are struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or awake feeling rested and refreshed
  • you are managing a chronic illness e.g. Chronic Fatigue, or Fibromyalgia
  • you are recovering from surgery
  • you suffer from anxiety or depression
  • you are pregnant or a new mum
  • you are dealing with pelvic floor problems
  • you think you aren't flexible enough for yoga
  • you want to experience the full benefits of a tailored yoga or meditation practice

What are the benefits of a regular personalised yoga practice?

When your yoga program fits your body, and your needs, yoga is comfortable, safe and enjoyable. This makes having a regular practice more likely and more achievable and allows you to experience many benefits such as:

  • more flexibility, strength and stability
  • a calm and relaxed mind
  • waking refreshed and restored after a good night’s sleep
  • better concentration
  • feeling alive, energetic and vital
  • an improved immune system
  • a deeper connection with your self
  • personal clarity and insight
  • being comfortable with emotions
  • creating positive habits
  • living with meaning, purpose, and belonging

Available Services

Experience the benefits that a personalised yoga practice can bring you! Larissa offers all of the following programs at Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy Centre in Croydon in addition to Private Consultations at The Bhava Centre in Warrandyte.

Private Yoga Instruction & Consultation
Meditation – Yoga Nidra
Women's Wellness Classes
Stress Reduction Classes

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